Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SVG?

An SVG (scalable vector graphic) is a type of 2D image that you can use in software like VideoScribe, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and more.

SVG is an open format for vector art work, which makes it perfect for animation. Because all images in SVG Studio are vectors you can use them at any resolution without loss of quality.

Why SVG Studio?

Our SVGs are all high-quality, clean-drawing illustrations from established artists. Our artist and themed collections are designed to help you achieve a consistent, attractive style in your animations.

We hope that these resources enable you to tell your story in an engaging and powerful way.

Will SVGs work for me?

You can try our free SVG image sample to find out.

Can I use these images commercially?

All our SVGs are royalty-free and can be used commercially.

Full terms and conditions

Are these images available elsewhere?

No, these vector images are created exclusively and owned wholly by SVG Studio. We distribute them through this website only – they should not be traded or given away anywhere else. If you find any of our images on any other site, please tell us immediately.